10 GigE FIBER CORE

    SolSource will design a 10 Gigabit core fiber optic internet delivery system tailored to your property's specific needs and current wiring structure.

    Our network designs are extremely flexible as we can use your property's existing wiring structure.  This means there is no need for your property to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to rewire every unit at your multifamily property. 

    Call us at 1-84-GET-SOLTV so one of our qualified Sales Engineers can walk you through the process of how we can design a system that will use your existing wiring structure to provide your residents with an ultra-high speed internet service. 




    SolSource will provide your multifamily community with enough bandwidth to support multiple consumer devices for each resident to download movies and upload photos without having to sacrifice quality of service.   We offer the highest base speed packages available in our class:


    • 30 Mbps
    • 100 Mbps
    • 300 Mbps
    • 1,000 Mbps

    SolSource will design a cost effective Ethernet LAN Network customized for your property.   Our networks deliver individual user speeds of up to 30, 100, 300 or even up to 1,000 Mbps so your residents can enjoy all that the web has to offer.  

    This is serious speed for your residents!  





    All of SolSource's IP equipment is monitored 24/7/365 to give you the peace of mind that your residents' always-on service is our #1 priority.   Our systems are designed with 24/7 automated monitor alerts so when equipment begins to slow down (and occasionally things do happen) our Tech Support Team is notified about the issue immediately so we begin work on implementing a solution.  

    Many times an issue is discovered and then resolved before your residents are even aware of the situation. 



    Wireless mesh network options are also available in bulk so you and your residents can enjoy the freedom of using your laptops, tablets and smartphones when you are inside your unit or at poolside.   

    When you order any high speed wireless service plan, SolSource will install and configure a wireless access point inside of each unit to assure your residents get the fastest speed and best connection possible.